Cristiano Ronaldo and Portuguese politicians


How is the greatest portuguese football star related to the current Portuguese politicians, specially the President of the Portuguese Republic?

(News source: BBC Sports)

Cristiano Ronaldo is receiving the Order of Prince Henry from president Aníbal Cavaco Silva next Tuesday, and I can’t help but find this timing quite interesting. Cavaco Silva has been feeling the hatred of the Portuguese population after deciding not to send the 2014 state’s budget to be reviewed by the constitutional court (not that the general Portuguese population liked him before that, but now he is even less loved – or at least hatred is more visible now). 

On the other hand, we have Cristiano Ronaldo, who has become the Portuguese idol over the past few weeks, after being ‘insulted’ by Joseph Blatter (a Facebook page requesting Blatter’s resignation got incredibly popular really fast – and Pepsi ( – ‘I’ll never drink Pepsi again’), and later scoring four goals against Sweden and granting Portugal a place in the Brazil World Cup.

I’m pretty sure Cavaco Silva doesn’t know much about football, but he surely has counsellors who do, and this award seems a marketing campaign to me. (N.B. I’m not saying it isn’t deserved, and I’m not even questioning that [it doesn’t even matter for this article]). The truth is – at least the way I see this is – the presidency noticed that the Portuguese people is supporting Cristiano Ronaldo more than ever, and have chosen to award the Portuguese soccer star in an attempt to have the Portuguese population on their side, instead of against the president.

It’s a smart move, but will it work?


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