Once upon a time…


… there was a not so normal guy whose life purpose was to learn a bit more every single day. Then he created this blog, in an attempt to rediscover himself through magical reflection.

Enough of fairy tales, that guy is obviously me and I created this blog to be a free space of reflection and discussion (and I do argue with myself sometimes, crazy uh?). My posts here will be mostly focused on community and social media management, since I intend to explore this passion of mine and become a better community manager, and you can expect my posts to be sort of philosophical sometimes – I also intend to become a better human being, community management is about people after all. 🙂

I also do some gaming on my spare time (I currently don’t play much really, but still…), which is why I’m mostly interested on the community management sector for gaming communities – these are, in my opinion, the best and most loyal online communities. 🙂

What is going to happen from here? Time will tell. Wait to see 🙂


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